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Choosing the Right Piano Teacher

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The Piano Instructor You Choose Matters

Whether you are a beginner piano player or an experienced pianist looking to take your playing to the next level, choosing the right piano teacher is critical to your success. The right piano teacher can make the difference in how well and quickly you progress, or even if you progress at all.

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Before we explore the facets of what makes a piano teacher right for you, it is important to say that this article will not take a “one-size-fits all” approach. We all have different learning styles, playing styles, and preferred genres of music. Correspondingly, there are many excellent piano teachers who just might not be right for you. Consider these suggestions as you ultimately decide what’s right for you.

We are also going to presume a high level of playing and training competency on the part of the instructor, and the ability to work out a schedule that works for the both of you. If you think these presumed aspects are missing, move on! You will be able to find another instructor with just a bit of effort.

Genre Affinity

What is the style of music you play or want to play? If you yearn to play classical music, you may want to consider a piano teacher who specializes or plays primarily in that genre. The same can be said for Jazz, Rock, or any other genre. Of course, many instructors are competent at multiple types of music. When you get right down to it, the basics of music (notes, chords, etc.) are the same, regardless; it may not mean so much to a brand new student. But an affinity towards your preferred type of music is a good thing, especially if you have begun advancing.

What’s the Plan?

It is highly recommended that you get together with your instructor either at the beginning of your first piano lesson or at the time you sign up for lessons to review your goals and work out a plan of action for your training. An instructor should be able to work out a preliminary plan from scratch, or have one ready-made with the understanding that it may be customized for you.

Always remember that this plan is preliminary. If you progress a bit faster or slower than planned, there should be room for adjustment.


This is not always considered: do you and your instructor like each other, and can you work together? In our everyday work life, we may have to work as a team with people we don’t necessarily like. Nevertheless, the goal (hopefully) gets accomplished. Likewise, you may be able to progress well under an instructor even if the “chemistry” is off.

You probably shouldn’t consider a lack of chemistry as a “deal breaker” unless you find you actively dislike each other. Still, it makes for a much smoother ride if the chemistry is good. Chances are you will progress much more effectively this way.

Communication and Patience

Good instructors should be able to express what they want from you and able to provide praise and constructive criticism in a clear and understandable manner. They should also be patient with you and understand where you are on your journey. For your part, you should make every effort to learn what you are being taught and ask questions when they arise.


These are but a few of the many things to consider when looking for the right piano teacher. Do your research and ask questions.

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