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How Your Child or Teen’s Piano Lessons can Help Them Improve at School

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Piano Lessons Can Lead to Important School Lessons

You may not realize that the music instruction your child receives can offer many important lessons that can be applied in their everyday life at school. In this article, we will review many of the parallels between music instruction and basic instruction and how they can be applied.

Learning the piano involves hand-eye coordination and problem-solving

Unlike many other musical instruments, piano playing involves intensive hand-eye coordination. This is true regardless of the skill level of the player, but it is particularly important to develop with beginners. This coordination becomes very important in physical education.

Figuring out how a piece of music is put together, and how to properly play it, can bring about excellent problem-solving skills. Problem-solving skills are critical to success not only in science and math, but also in creative writing, social studies, and critical reading.

Music theory is all about patterns and math

Music is the most logical of all the art forms. Most forms of music follow particular patterns, whether we are talking about chord progressions or rhythm. Music uses fractions, taking whole notes and splitting them into patterns and progressions that look and sound correct. Rhythm, meter, and melody are all logical and mathematical, and can be learned in an almost innate way. Even if your child isn’t conscious of it, the mastery of musical basics can correlate to success in math and logic.

Music lessons teach patience and persistence

Every person learning the piano is going to hit a sour note now and then, or struggle with a particular musical piece. Through patience and persistence, a child will overcome the obstacles and achieve a level of success. This will lead to even greater successes with time. Persistence and patience are two of the most important skills someone can learn, regardless of age. Having these traits early on in life can lead to not only better study habits but better interpersonal relationships with teachers and other students.

Rehearsal teaches time-management and good studying habits

Time management is often difficult for an adult to learn, but like so many other things, can be learned much more easily by a child. Piano rehearsals are a great way to learn and develop such a skill. A new student, with his or her instructor’s help, can learn how to plan a schedule, set aside time daily to rehearse, and keep track of his or her success in keeping a schedule. This is a great habit to learn early on.

By going to music class, doing the homework well, and continuing to improve, your young pianist will develop crucial study habits which will easily carry over into academic life.

This is Good Stuff!

For all these reasons and many more, many studies have shown conclusively that children who take musical classes tend to excel in school at a much higher rate than their non-playing schoolmates. This is an important reason to consider getting your child piano lessons.

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