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Life Lessons Your Child Will Learn from His or Her Piano Lessons

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Everyday Life Lessons from the Keyboard

When your child is learning how to play the piano, he or she is learning so much more than just the mechanics of hitting the keys or what makes up a piece of music. Learning a musical instrument can be seen as a metaphor for life, and many of the aspects of piano lessons can be applied in other parts of your son’s or daughter’s life. In this article, we will go over several of the life lessons your child can discover from learning to play the piano.

How to take directions

When your child is first learning the piano, it may be the first time they interact with an “authority figure” that is not their parent or their school teacher. A good music teacher, especially one who works with children, can help your child understand the importance of following directions to the best of their ability. Learning the basics of following directions can, of course, be applied to many other parts of your child’s life. He or she can learn not only to follow directions, but do so in a logical way.


Learning a musical instrument, especially in the beginning, takes a good deal of concentration and the will to continue, even when things begin getting difficult. Learning the habit of “stick-to-it-iveness” – following through with a commitment – in a non-threatening, encouraging environment like a piano class can lead to greater success in other fields of your child’s life, from academics to athletics.

Failure is OK, as long as you learn from it

All piano players, from the very beginner to the gigging professional, make mistakes and run occasionally into failure. This is true in other avenues of your kid’s life, too. An instructor’s encouragement when a child hits a wrong note or has difficulty learning a piece of music can mean the world to a child and bolster his or her self-esteem. This is a valuable leadership trait that your child can carry into adult life.


Patience is critical to success in life. As stated above, a child is going to hit a sour note here and there, especially at the beginning. Learning to be patient with oneself, as well as being inspired by the instructor to be patient with others, is one of the most important lessons that can be learned in life.


Music is truly a logical art form. It can be broken down mathematically. Like architecture, it builds from the most basic building blocks to the most complex structures. Learning music is one of the best ways a child can learn the fundamentals of logic and math.


Music teachers allow their students to ask clarifying, and occasionally challenging questions in an encouraging, non-judgmental fashion. This respectful behavior will often be mimicked by the child and can lead to many harmonious relationships later on in life.

What Else Can your Child Learn?

These are but of the few corollaries between piano lesson and overall life experience. Piano lessons are a fine way to begin your child’s life lessons.

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