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The Most Popular Brands of Piano

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Like many other instruments, the piano offers you a wide range of brand names to choose from that are, to music lovers, household names. They provide you with a high quality instrument that will last a lifetime and they will help you if their product does not live up to your expectations. When purchasing any instrument – especially a piano – make sure you buy it from a company with an established reputation.

Purchasing a piano is a huge investment. You want to be able to pass it down to the next generation and the one after that. By dealing with a piano manufacturer that has an established reputation, you know your money is being spent wisely. Here are some of the top piano brands on the market today.


Established in the late 1800s, Baldwin offers the piano player one of the best instruments on the market today. They are the parent company of Wurlitzer and other piano manufacturers. The company was created by Dwight Hamilton Baldwin and the very first piano they introduced to the world was an upright piano. They eventually branched out into grand pianos. A well liked and high quality piano, Baldwin’s are perfect for the family player. Composer Bela Bartok and entertainer Liberace used Baldwin pianos.

Steinway & Sons

Considered the number one piano manufacturer, Steinway & Sons was established during the 1850s by Henry Steinway, a cabinet maker. These are elegant pianos and just about every piano player dreams of owning one. Wagner, Rachmaninoff, Gershwin and Liszt all played Steinway pianos.

Steinway piano

Steinway piano


Schimmel pianos were founded by Wilhelm Schimmel in 1885 in Germany and it is considered one of the top pianos of all time. They are less expensive than Steinway pianos, but they provide the player with the same quality. The company was carried on by the grandson’s of Schimmel and it is still one of the few piano manufacturers that is owned and operated by the family that established it.


This Japanese company started manufacturing pianos in answer to the growing demand of piano players that wanted something more than an electronic keyboard. The pianos are well made with a good sound but priced reasonably, making them perfect for the first time player and piano owner.

Mason & Hamlin

Founded in 1854, Mason & Hamlin underwent a bankruptcy and reorganization that has allowed them to continue producing well made pianos. It is no longer owned by the original family. The pianos produced by Mason & Hamline are well made and provide the player with an excellent instrument for a good price.

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