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Motivating Your Child To Practice The Piano

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Every parent has difficulties getting their child to practice their instrument of choice. This even means parents of children who play the piano. Quite often children don’t want to practice their instrument or go for lessons. This is nothing new and they are problems that parents and music teachers face all the time. Many parents encourage their child to take an instrument, especially the piano, feeling that what they learn will help them during their lives. But children don’t always share that sentiment. Instead they don’t understand why they have to play and what the purpose of practicing and classes really are.

child practicing on the electric piano

Child practicing on the electronic piano
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Stop and think about how your child views practicing the piano. To them this is the equivalent of doing extra homework every day when all they want to do is hang out with their friends or do something fun. Considering the amount of homework a lot of children have today, they may not have time to practice the piano without giving up something that, to them, it more enjoyable. You need to encourage your child to simply making practicing a half hour a day habit.

Getting your child into the habit of practicing the piano has to start from the day they decide they want to play. By encouraging them to practice even just 15 minutes a day, you can help them work the practice into their daily lives and make it a habit. Allow them to choose when they want to practice – whether it’s before or after school – so that they feel they have some control over it. Beginners do not need to practice their material for an hour everyday so you should help your child structure their practice based on their skill level. They will be more open to developing the habit of practicing everyday if they only have to practice what their skill level requires.

As a parent, it is a good idea to learn how to play the piano with your child. This will allow you to sit down with them when they practice so that you can aid them when they have a problem. You do not have to have knowledge of piano playing in order to do this. Instead, simply pay attention to what your child’s piano instructor is showing them so you can help them when they need it. You will be surprised how fast you learn the skills you need to work with your child during their practice.

Look at yourself as a mentor instead of a teacher. This will allow you to remind your child of what they have learned during their piano lessons when they can’t recall it. This will help them gain confidence in their playing and help them develop the habit of playing every day. If you work with your child to develop the habit, you will eventually be able to listen to them practice on their own accord instead of fighting with them every day.

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