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Six Tips for Staying Motivated in Your Piano Lessons

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Motivation tends to be a major problem for people learning the piano – and often the most difficult obstacle to overcome. Let’s have a look at some ways to keep yourself interested in the activity for long enough to build momentum!

  1. Be realistic – when people try to come up with goals to set for themselves when they’re learning the piano, they sometimes tend to overshoot and set themselves goals which they can never achieve. Decide why you want to play the piano – be honest with yourself and figure out what you want exactly.

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  2. Set goals – to set goals which will actually have you working towards them, you once again have to be honest with yourself. Do you really want to accomplish them? Will you feel good once you have?

  3. Have a repertoire – one of the usual reasons for starting to play the piano is to that you can play various pieces of music you enjoy. This means that as you’re learning the piano, you might set a goal to learn a number of pieces – like five melodies – as good as possible so you can play them anytime you want.

    Those five pieces have to be learned so well that you don’t even think about it if you’re asked to play them! One reason for having a repertoire with carefully rehearsed pieces is that you can feel that you’re playing at the best of your abilities.

  4. Play all the time – a good way to motivate yourself is to always perform for other people in any way you can. There’s a way to create momentum in your practice, and that’s to set up an informal concert at your home where you’ll be playing some pieces for a selected audience.

    Your family can make for a great public – there are many cases where you can show off your skills and this can even improve the lives of your family members by bringing some joy into their everyday routines.

  5. What if you don’t like performing? It’s entirely possible to practice your piano skills without anyone present, one way to do that is to use your imagination and pretend that you’re in front of a large crowd of various people interested in your abilities.

    In this case you’ll need to practice your discipline quite a lot though, and play your program from start to finish as if you were really doing it for an audience – don’t skip anything when you get bored or tired! Also, a common misconception is that a good pianist never makes mistakes – that’s not entirely true, even the best make the occasional blunder; true skill is in the ability to brush it off and keep playing as if nothing happened, or even try to integrate your mistake into the performance in a creative way!

  6. Listen to piano music – all the time, whenever and wherever you can. You can never get the hang of it if you don’t constantly listen to how it’s done by others, so you’ll need to become a fan of piano music, like it or not.

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