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Why an Electric Piano?

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An electric piano is a great way to add music to your life

Although there are many great musical instruments you can use to express yourself, nothing quite sounds like a piano. It is the primary instrument used in composition and always adds a touch of class to any piece of music. In this article, we will discuss why you should consider a piano and an electric piano in particular.

Why a Piano?

A piano is a joy to play, right from the beginning. If you are starting out, and stick to learning it, it doesn’t take very long before you can scratch out basic tunes. With further education, you can expand your abilities. Sheet music is generally composed with and notated for piano, so you have a wider variety of tunes you can learn. It’s also easier to compose music that other people can play using piano, if you are inclined to write songs.

Piano is also one of the most versatile instruments you can play. Every genre of western music uses piano as a primary or secondary instrument. Whether you are playing a concerto written for the piano, or simply adding a piano riff to a jazz or rock song, you will find a use for your keyboard.

Why an ELECTRIC piano?

There is nothing in the world like an acoustic piano. Whether an upright or a grand, they can beautify a home both visually and sonically. So why go with an electric piano instead?

There are several advantages. Let’s look first at portability. Many electric pianos are relatively light and can be ready to move in seconds. They are great for gigging, especially when playing venues that don’t already have a piano set up.

An obvious second consideration is price. A decent portable electric piano, a stand, and a stool can run you as little as a couple hundred dollars. If you are looking for something a little sturdier and “permanent,” a classic-look upright electric piano runs several hundred to about 2000 dollars. The same cannot be said for most acoustic pianos. A brand-name acoustic can run several thousands of dollars.

A word about sound quality

Early electric pianos could not even come close to their acoustic brethren for quality of sound. They were “tinkly” in the worst sense of the word, with truly thin and synthetic sound. Things have changed quite a lot in the last few decades. While we may never get to a point where electric pianos have the same warmth and depth of sound as a high-quality acoustic piano, modern electrics come mighty close. Modern recording technology coupled with recent developments in the electronics used in musical instruments can make it hard for the listener to tell the difference.

Which one do I buy?

Do your best to work within both your budget and your ambition. Go to your local music store and try some keyboards on for size. If your neighborhood has a music store that specializes in pianos, try them out first. They will tend to have the best selection and prices for both new and used pianos. Take your time before choosing and don’t settle.

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