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Why Playing the Piano Is One of the Most Exciting Hobbies You Can Pick Up

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There are many things that can be said about playing the piano – but not everyone seems to realize how many benefits lie in this instrument. If you just give it a chance, it can easily transform your life in many aspects!

Many people are aware that playing the piano can be fun and exciting to learn, but not so many of them actually dedicate the time to do that – or even try to get through the first few steps. If you like jazz, you might have listened to great piano tunes from artists such as Count Basie or Duke Ellington.

playing the electronic piano

Playing the electronic piano
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You might actually like contemporary jazz pianists more, and there are many who’ve managed to capture the hearts and minds of audiences everywhere. Jim Brickman, for example, tends to play in many different genres, and often what he plays has been composed by him too. His music is featured on stations of all genres, as it blends so well with many of them.

On the other hand, you might have more interest in rock keyboard players. Some of them include Rick Wakeman (Yes), Tony Banks (Genesis), David Sancious (Springsteen), Dennis De Young (Styx), Sting and Santana. Other famous names include Elton John and Carole King.

And even if you’ve never been a fan of classical music, you may find yourself growing more and more fond of it once you’ve started playing the piano. It’s a difficult style of music, and it’s extremely rewarding to master some of the more challenging pieces, especially from classic names like Bach, Beethoven and Schubert.

Many people who’re exposed to great musical works like this want to try and replicate them – you may even get good enough to play with a band, or even on your own. It’s certainly possible to learn the piano well enough for your own entertainment as well, all that matters is what you’re interested in.

Playing the piano brings various benefits with it. It can be a great stress reliever, taking care of both stress and anger, as well as soothing your anxiety quite nicely. If you’re ever feeling depressed, you can start with a slow song and build up the tempo to something more fast-paced that has a happier sounding to it, which can do wonders for your mood.

Learning to play the piano is actually not that difficult when you get down to it – it’s simpler than some other types of music, in fact. With vocal music, you have to learn about pitch very carefully, and you also have to worry about being over or below the note. With a piano, that can’t really happen if the piano itself is properly tuned, in which case it can be easily fixed. Last but not least, playing the piano can be a huge boost to your intelligence, with many research cases backing up the point that playing this instrument can really help you develop some crucial thinking skills as well as give a boost to your discipline. It’s no coincidence that children who’ve been playing the piano from an early age cope with difficult tasks in their lives much easier later on – they simply have the strong discipline to do it!

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